Ways to earn good profit out of mutual fund It is more of commonsense than an art or science

Ways to earn good profit out of mutual fund. It is more of commonsense than an art or science. Mutual funds are the vehicle that help normal individuals to invest together in equity and debt market without taking too much of risk. The mutual funds are created with predetermined investment objectives, to suit different kind of investors.

More over mutual funds are made in such a way that they achieve a variety of risk/reward objectives. However, the right way to benefit from mutual funds is to balance the risk as well as the potential to earn. That's the reason, identifying the right level of risk tolerance, choosing the right schemes and allocation to the right asset class remains the most important factors in ensuring success from a mutual fund portfolio. First point is the right funds in your Portfolio When we select funds we need to make sure that we need to have right mix of right funds. For that we need to keep in mind your profile and the kind of fund that matches your profile. If you are a conservative investor, the composition of your portfolio would be different from someone who may have different risk profile and time horizon such as aggressive.

Moreover If you have created a portfolio of different equity funds, and wish to invest more in equity over a period of time. Make sure that you keep an eye over the exposure to all the sectors in which the funds have invested in. we need to look over the fund houses and fund managers styles, strategies, and philosophies. There is a difference between different fund manager's style and strategies to a good level. The fund houses are very particular to their fund management philosophies and management style. The fund management style is further reflected in the performance of the funds they have.

As far as fund management style is considered we need to look at the performance of their funds over a period of time. To perform consistently over a period of time is not an easy task. Only few funds have been able to perform at a consistent rate. These fund houses and fund managers do follow certain styles which further become the core of the fund philosophies As a Tax payer ? Make use of its hidden potential Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) are the best instrument that provides an investment option that provides you an affective and safe way to investing in equity market and save taxes.

If we take this particular fund as a product it is quiet sure to give good returns over a period of time. Over a period of time equities have the potential to provide better returns compared to other instruments. These ELSS funds being equity oriented provide returns which can be really appreciable. ELSS have the potential to provide better returns than most of the options under Section 80C. One of the important features is the tax efficiency in terms of returns earned through them.

It is important considering that ELSS also aims to distribute income by way of dividend periodically depending on the distributable surplus. Moreover an SIP in any ELSS scheme will help you to save more by investing more, as you save more of taxes. More over the long-term capital gains can be very attractive and is again tax free. Re-balance your portfolio if required Ensure that the exposure of your equity portfolio to different market segments i.e.

large cap, mid cap and small cap is in the right proportion. If not, you need to realign it according to your risk profile, time period and investment objective. You might need to scuffle the portfolio a bit in order to get it in right shape. An existing investor, need to make sure that the portfolio does not include too much of funds without any proper planning and allocation. The first step in towards rebalancing your portfolio is checking out which funds are not performing up to the mark.

For this, the right way would be to compare the performance of your schemes with the benchmark and other funds in the same group. In the case of some non-performing schemes we need to remove them out through the redemption process in phases. We need to take notice towards the exposure to different sectors in the portfolio . While rebalancing the portfolio, the focus should be on those schemes in the portfolio that have been performing consistently and have a good quality portfolio.

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