Study of workforce defines ideal job

Study of workforce defines ideal jobAsked to define their ideal job, 84% of both men and women say they'd choose an organization that respects personal/family time.

The study, by the Simmons School of Management and Bright Horizons Family Solutions Inc., asked respondents to compare their current job with their ideal, and identified "gaps" between the two. The most notable were around flexibility issues. In their ideal job, said both men and women, they want to be able to work from home, have control over their work schedule and be able to take advantage of flexible work policies and programs. Respect for personal and family time was among the most important issues, whether or not respondents had children at home. Also at the top of the list: an organization that rewards good performance, treats everyone fairly, provides opportunities for advancement and the chance to learn new skills. Agreeing with other studies on employee satisfaction, this one found the relationship with a direct supervisor is critical to a positive employee experience. Employees, says the report, want mutual trust and respect and a supervisor who respects personal and family time.