International consultant - I Love This Job!

"A friend once observed that I've faced Hutu militia and traveled icy roads littered with land mines in Sarajevo and lived to tell about it.


Time to AIM at career development: long-term care managers have a new opportunity to spread their professional wings

Ever get the feeling that you've been spinning your wheels professionally, that your career has bogged down in today's long-term care woes of red tape, regulation,


The arts communications - Special Report: Career Watch 2003

Although many companies have made job cutbacks recently, the Bureau of Labor statistics (BLS) sees change on the horizon.


Waking from your job nightmare - Working It

Recently, after three years, I quit a managerial job in a large company where I experienced racial animosity in an extremely hostile corporate culture.



Job power: career management resources for librarians THESE ARE BLEAK TIMES IN THE JOB MARKET FOR INFORMATION PROFESSIONALS. Layoffs across all industries, aging libratians who were heading for retirement but can't because of the economic downturn.


Job Search Advice
To love, honor and provide career advice

MENLO PARK, CA -- Some of life's biggest decisions are those associated with work.
On foreign soil

When Thad Hooker and his wife, Lisa, first took over Spirit of Asia, a Florida company selling high-end furniture and accessories.
When Not Knowing Can Hurt You

Ignorance may be bliss in the game of love but it can totally destroy your chances for a job offer or a promotion.
Job Search Strategies of Recent Graduates

Here's the sage advice THE BLACK COLLEGIAN received from three graduates who landed jobs this year.
The Network Way to a Better Job

Career counselors proclaim it as gospel: Networking--making contacts with a widespread web of people who might be able to help you--is the key to a successful job search.