Career Planning Made Simple - A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week - George S.

The Art of Negotiating During a Job Offer - When someone offers you a job you need to stop telling them why you deserve it and start thinking about how to make the situation work to your advantage.

The Job Application Tango - We do it all the time.

Selling Yourself Televised Job Interview - Watched recruitment?s equivalent of Pop Idol last night - ?Selling Yourself"(Tuesdays, Channel Five).

Would You Hire You - Seem like a strange question? You spend so much time applying for jobs and feeling like you?re at the mercy of the employer that it?s a radical thought to imagine you actually have control over the situation.

How to Beat Out the Competition An Alternative Job Success Strategy - If you want to be on track for superstar status, you have to be prepared to take on the biggest and riskiest projects.

Beating the Procrastinators Creed to Achieve Your Goals - To ask how we get the motivation to do something that we very well know that we ought to do, and wait for that answer, is evidence that it doesn't take much of an excuse to not do it.

Evaluating A Job Offer - Before you accept a job offer, you need to know how to evaluate it.

Career Advice Whats Happened To Your New Years Resolutions - Over one-fourth of 2006 is history.

Reflections on How to Do what you Love by Paul Graham through Meditation - I was reading "How to Do what you Love" by Paul Graham last night and because I loved it so much I decided to write a little more of me into it.

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