Beating the Procrastinators Creed to Achieve Your Goals

Oftentimes, we can get to the place where we begin to look to others to help us, when we know very well, that that is not where the answer lies. To ask how we get the motivation to do something that we very well know that we ought to do, and wait for that answer, is evidence that it doesn't take much of an excuse to not do it. The procrastinators creed is still around - having its effect. If you were to be asked, "Where do you get the motivation to go to work every day?", would your answer be because: "I am motivated every single day to go to work?" Now you might be one person that has such a wonderful job as that - but most people find it a little difficult to always go to work because they are so overjoyed to be there. When you were in school, did you get up and go to school every day - because you were motivated to do it? What was the real reason you went? It was because you were supposed to go.

Duty was the reason, motivation had nothing to do with it. Now, realistically, motivation does effect your performance once you get there, but you did not need it to go. Duty did the job. Some Things Are Just Our Duty To Do It does not take much to give allegiance to the procrastinators creed. It only needs an excuse.

But on the other hand, if we come to realize that, maybe you owe it to yourself to lose that weight, then duty may once again be sufficient reason (not necessarily motivation), to do it. Others can only help you a little bit, in this matter. You see, it is only you that can do the walking, and lose the weight - one pound at a time. It does, however, begin with you. Duty Can Override Emotions Now it is time to put an end to the procrastinators creed, in your life. Letīs say you want to lose weight.

Ask yourself why you ought to lose the weight. Having good reasons, will make the task that much easier. We do not have to listen to a lack of motivation feeling that comes over us all, at times, Rather, put those feelings aside, and go on, do your duty - if you have no motivation to do it. Put Duty And Emotions Together Another important thing would be to try and put your duty and motivation together - and then set a goal.

If you look at the slimmer figure that you want, and determine that it is a worthwhile goal, then it will help you to get the motivation every time you think about what your figure could be like. Set a time frame, too, as to how soon you want that figure. With a goal like that, who needs the procrastinators creed?.

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