Complaining About Work Heres the One Change You Need

How often do you think or say something like:."That's not my job."."They don't pay me to do that".

"This company couldn't function without me!"."I should be making more money!".If that sounds like you, you have no one to blame but yourself.

You are complaining about the outcome of decisions that YOU have made. YOU choose your job, the compensation you receive, and the way you conduct yourself.Time for Change.As a business professional, you are not entitled to anything.

So you have perfect attendance and you get great performance reviews; so what? That still doesn't mean that you're entitled to anything.The only way to change your results is by changing your attitude, and working to become a more valuable version of yourself. Be More Valuable, Get Greater Rewards.Every business person provides value to someone.

The amount of value that you provide DIRECTLY affects the rewards that you receive for your work. When you become more valuable, you will receive greater rewards.To become more valuable, you must first know how valuable you are now. Ask yourself:.

1. Who do I serve?.2.

What service/value do I provide for these people?.Once you have answered these questions, the next important question is:.How can I provide more value?.Maximize your time, maximize your results.

.Focus your energy on the quality of service you give while at work. You know that you can make better use of the time you spend on the job. Forget about what the person next to you is doing! Spend YOUR time wisely to increase the amount of value you provide.

You will see better results without having to invest more time at work.Do what is right, EVERY time..

We often find ourselves in situations that test our morals and values. Trust yourself and do what is right, EVERY time, without question. It may not seem to bring immediate rewards, but it will ALWAYS pay off in the end.Learn something new?EVERY day..

Traditional education doesn't always prepare you for the real world. The skills and experience you gain on your own while on the job is usually what prepares you for your station in life.Accept the fact that you are NEVER done learning. Renew your passion for your work by sharpening your craft constantly.

Do more than you are paid for..Quit whining about the duties you are asked to do that aren't listed in your job description. If you truly want to become a more valuable business person, you must learn to get over your silly self and do more than you are paid for. As Napolean Hill says, "The man who does more than he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does.".

Go the extra mile without expecting compensation for it. Do it because you are proud of the service that you provide and want to increase the amount of value you give to the community.YOU are the only one who has the power to change the value you provide for others, and the ability to increase the rewards you receive for that value. Do your job well and be proud of the service you provide. When you're mediocre, your results will remain mediocre; but when you're valuable, your rewards will be great!.

.Tom Richard conducts seminars on sales and customer service topics nationwide. Tom is also the author of Smart Salespeople Don't Advertise: 10 Ways to Outsmart Your Competition With Guerilla Marketing, and publishes a free weekly ezine on selling skills titled Sales Muscle. To subscribe to this free weekly ezine go to http://www.

By: Tom Richard

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