A Career As A Florist

Simple at it may sound, a job as a florist is not all that easy. It is not simply throwing together a bunch of flowers that makes an arrangement. You need to know the simple color combinations and special flowers that go with certain occasions. Some flowers symbolize the making or breaking an arrangement too. You ought to know it all before harboring the thought of becoming a florist. Job Of A Florist Being a florist is not a glamorous job.

You have to deliver flower arrangements according to the occasion. It could be a funeral or a wedding. Keeping in mind that the customer may not be aware of the various flower arrangements, a florist must be able to make suitable suggestions.

On an average day, you may have to make wreaths for funerals and various other types of arrangements. Posies or sheaves are mostly put together in front of the customer. The duties in a florist's shop include: -Unwrapping the flower stock -Spraying the flowers and conditioning the plants -Pricing merchandise and displaying it in an attractive manner -Attending to customers and phone calls -Completing and delivering orders and creating designs for the shop -Keeping the shop clean and tidy -Keeping a work record -Putting up new arrangements in the shop window display regularly Training Some community colleges conduct classes in floral designing. However, if you are really set on becoming a florist, all you need is the passion and hands-on experience. Many florists start off as apprentices in flower shops. After years of working in the industry, some move on to setting up their own shops.

The American Institute of Floral Designers offers aspiring florists the opportunity to earn a certificate that specifies "Accredited in Floral Design". Potential members are asked to submit pictures of their flower arrangements. Live demonstrations are conducted by AIFD judges. The institute also offers grants for student research in the area of floral design. An AIFD accreditation is said to be of the highest standing in the world of floriculture.

Associated Careers Typically, florists are small-business owners. Other jobs that need similar skills include wedding and party designing, gardening and landscaping. If you wish to be a florist, you can begin by making small arrangements for your family and friends. Take up small flower arrangement tasks at family functions or birthday parties. Click pictures of these arrangements to give your prospective employer a brief peek at your skills.

Besides the training, an aspiring florist needs to build a healthy rapport with customers. This helps in developing a strong client base for future business. Your care and the personal attention paid towards each flower arrangement, adds to the personal touch desired. Most florists enjoy their jobs because they love plants and flowers. Additionally, they are aware that they add color to everyone's life.

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