Are Hidden Beliefs Creating a Lackluster Career

If you could redesign your lifestyle just the way you want it, what would it look like? How would it feel? What's in your way? Limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings can impede your progress. Give voice to your dreams and enhance your ability to identify opportunities that move you closer to your ideal. If you want to change the outcome or results, you have to change your thinking. Conflicts between your conscious and unconscious thoughts or beliefs affect what you experience.

Here are some guidelines regarding career actions a person can explore no matter where they are to have a more fulfilling career. How close are you at creating your dream career? What is holding you back? Are you afraid of success or failure? Have you lost your career passion and don't know why? Laura is self-employed real estate investor. She recalled that she once felt passionate about her work, but she lost it. She feels bored, apathetic, uninspired and unable to take any action. After working together on her limiting beliefs and stuck energy patterns, Laura learned that she needs to remind herself that she is grateful for the life she created. Michael, an employee in a high tech company, and enjoys what he does in his marketing communications position.

However, a recent merger has had a negative impact on the company culture. The changes are so dramatic he doesn't feel as though he can be himself at work any more. The impact he's feeling, both emotionally and physically, is so intense, he's not sure how much longer he can stay in his job.

After helping Michael release his own fears and those of others, he feels stronger and clearer about his own goals. He is more focused and committed to his work and adjusting to the changes. Rachel is self-employed and thoroughly enjoys her work as a realtor. Her recent engagement, however, has made her more and more aware that her seven day a week schedule is taking its toll on her personal life. She's torn between the work she loves and the life she sees in front of her. While working on her own limiting beliefs, Rachel is reminded to connect with her inner self and ask: what is most important right now? Although each person enjoys parts of her work and her lifestyle, they are each missing something significant when it comes to their work/life.

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life Laura learned that by changing her thoughts about herself, she shifted the energy she radiated into the world. Because everything is connected, she noticed the world around her shifting. Here are some guidelines regarding career actions you could take to explore your next steps.

They are supportive actions to accept yourself no matter where you are in your career. 1. Stay focused on your body. Notice your feelings rather than just being tuned into what everyone else is saying you should do for your career.

Release other people's expectations, beliefs or limitations that might be impeding your progress. 2. Be willing to take 100% responsibility for behaving in a way that makes you feel worthy, safe and powerful. Be willing to be who you really are rather than trying to impress. Make a conscious decision that being in integrity with who you really are, is more important than getting someone else's approval.

3. When doubts creep into your mind about being confused and unclear remind yourself that you will know exactly what, when and how to do what you need to do. Remember to maintain your balance and stay in alignment with your true self.

4. Connect with your emotion of gratitude. Daily upon rising and going to bed, remind yourself of everything you are grateful for having, experienced or felt. There's so much around you that you are not acknowledging.

Consider all the things you've created. If you are ready to create something new in your life, be grateful for what you have already created. This opens the flow to attracting more of what you desire. As you increase your awareness and start to connect with the vibration of gratitude, you become clear on what you want to create.

Don't worry about how to achieve your dream career. Let go of fears of not being successful or not liking it after all. 5. Keep asking your inner wisdom, What is your highest good for right now? Learn to validate yourself for being YOU. You are awesome! Be authentic! You are powerful and create your thoughts --- You will manifest your dream career. Remember: Unconscious thoughts hiding in the shadows of your subconscious mind are creating the world around you.

Do NOT disregard the little voice that says, What if I can't do it? What if I can't measure up? What if I fail? Release the unwanted programs and limiting beliefs to create an inspired life and dream career. Amirah 2006 All Rights Reserved.

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