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One of the key characteristics of the IT industry is that it is a very dynamic and influential industrial sector. This is mainly because the factors that affect the IT industry will always filter into other closely related sectors. The IT industry is also characterized by constantly changing demand for particular IT skills.

In other words, the IT skills which IT employers demand will always tend to fluctuate from one period to the next. However, at the moment, IT employers have a high demand for IT professionals who are business conversant. The industry is currently experiencing a shortage in demand for those IT professionals with 'hard' IT technical skills. So, if you are a data analyst, you have a better chance of securing a job than say, a developer or a programmer. For the last 14 years, Quanta has specialized in providing recruitment service in the IT vertical market. This means that Quanta is fully experienced in this area of recruiting.

Quanta also has a team of trained and highly professional staff who specialize in the IT recruitment. As such, their staff are able to provide data analysts with expert advice and guidance in terms of securing their next professional IT job. In the light of this, if you are a data analyst or an IT professional with some business acumen, Quanta should be your first choice. Furthermore, Quanta builds and maintains links and relationships with the major IT employers who have job openings for data analysts.

This means that Quanta obtains immediate visibility on new data analyst job opportunities. As a result, Quanta has an in-depth understanding of their clients' recruitment needs. The fact is that there are very few recruitment firms which work in the same way as Quanta. This because Quanta works in a personalized and efficient way, which guarantees their clients satisfactory results. If you choose Quanta for your next data analyst role, they will not stop at just finding you a suitable placement. Rather, they will enroll you on to their candidate care program.

This personalized service has been designed to ensure that all Quanta's data analyst candidates receive complete and extensive support in their new job role. It is this sort of customer-oriented service that has convinced many IT professionals that Quanta is the best way forward. Quanta truly is one of the leading recruitment firm for business-based IT recruitment.

Stephen Trigg is the CEO of Quanta Consultancy Services, the leader provider of Recruitment consultancy.

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