Becoming A Private Investigator Where Do I Sign

The private investigation field is proving to be the career choice of more and more people in today's modern society. Why? It's hard to pin point one area in particular but it seems more a case of the effects of 21st. century lifestyles. A private investigator has so many options today including family issues such as divorce and infidelity, insurance fraud and white collar crime just to name a few. So how do you become a budding Marlowe or Magnum P.I.

? In the US, becoming a private investigator doesn't require a university degree; as long as you are fit and healthy, at least 18 years of age, have no criminal record and adhere to the various qualifying laws pertaining to each state, then you're basically on your way. Some states will require you to complete a course or pass a qualifying exam. There are a couple of options available to private investigator "graduates." Either try and get a placement at a private investigation agency or go out on your own.

As a newcomer, it's advised to gain some experience first with an agency as starting in business on your own could be tough. Let's face it, most will have no experience at all and virtually no on the job training. Unless you are a natural born private investigator, you could have difficulty attracting clients initially. The other contributing factor will be the start-up capital required to get your business off the ground. At least with a private investigation agency, the experience you gain will benefit you later on, when and if you decide to branch out on your own.

Besides, the contacts you make in your stint with an agency will be invaluable. The most challenging part for you initially will be landing that first agency job. Private investigation as a profession, has had it's fair mix of glamor ( thanks to some famous Hollywood portrayals ) and many people may be drawn to it because of this.

However, it's fair to say, that there has also been a hint of seediness attached to it. Private investigation is one of those professions that has basically "stepped out of the closet" as a result of modern lifestyles. High divorce and infidelity rates and insurance fraud have been major players in the increase in interest in private investigation. So if you think you have what it takes, a strong constitution plus a "sleuth" type nature, then becoming a private investigator is an option you should seriously consider.

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