Booking Gigs Beyond the Nightclubs

Sure, a lot of famous people get their start in nightclubs. But the nightclub and bar scene is not for every single musician and band out there. They are places to gain exposure and make a little extra cash, but who says they have to be the only place? They don't have to be. And over the next few minutes, some tips about where else to perform and other music promotional ideas will be revealed.

If the only way you know how to promote your CD and music is in a bar but you are looking for more, then read on. Honestly, if you really just want to play and gain exposure then your opportunities are truly endless no matter what genre of music. For starters, have you ever considered putting on a house concert or playing at one? This is a great way to build fans which become powerful musician resources.

A house concert doesn't just have to be a wild party. It can also be a wedding shower, baby shower, graduation party, birthday, holiday cookout, going away party and much more. That list could go on forever. What about for schools? Depending on the type of music you prefer to play you can be booked at middle schools or high schools.

What about high school dances or homecoming parties? A lot of people don't think about it but music promotional ideas should include marketing your music to teens because they are a great crowd to get in good with. If you music is geared toward an older crowd, check out dorms or college events. What about outdoor events like concerts at the park or beach? Are their a lot of fundraising events in the area? Another good place to gain exposure is the state or local fairs. There are always musical acts appearing at these. Festivals are big, especially in the summer time and they are always looking for great acts and you are always looking for how to promote your CD and this is it! Whether you are a newbie musician or a veteran still looking for your big break, don't let your pride stand in the way. If you love to play then try to book jobs anywhere you can.

Musician resources and music promotional ideas are on every corner. You really don't have to look that far. Once you build that solid fan base and gain as much exposure as possible, you just might get that incredible break you have been looking for.

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