Building a Strong Resume with the Right Accountancy Jobs

A professional who wants to build a career as a successful accountant needs to know where to find good accountancy jobs. The growing number of accountancy graduates hitting the job market each year makes it difficult for qualified accountants to find well-paid positions. Your ability to hunt down accountancy jobs in the right industries at the right time will help you find work that is fulfilling over the long term. One of the areas where accountancy jobs hold steady despite economic problems is local government agencies. There is always a need in Parliament, local governments and other bureaucratic agencies for experts in sound accounting practices. The creation of an annual budget along with supplement budgets and accounting reports means that accountancy jobs are always available in government agencies.

You need to decide whether the bureaucratic difficulties of government accounting balance out the benefits of public service. A natural extension of accountancy jobs in city government is high salary positions in county, state and national agencies. The fiscal crunches at lower levels of government in the United Kingdom make accurate ledgers important to track expenses and revenues.

Your work in accountancy jobs within city government can help save public dollars and direct government spending with constant reminders about keeping books straight. The largest wages for accountancy experts are available in the private sector. National and international corporations use accountants to manage tax documents, monitor expense reports and act as a watchdog for improper spending. These positions are ideal for accountants who can handle a high workload and understand the multiple layers of ethical practices involved in private bookkeeping.

You can take a higher cut of clients' fees and other revenues when you start your own accountancy practice. The barriers to starting your own accountancy firm include locating qualified employees, obtaining business licenses and developing a reputation in your community for quality work. It is important to take a sober look at starting an accountancy practice by reviewing the high expenses incurred in the first few months after opening your doors. A final venue for accountancy jobs for young professionals is the non-profit world. Advocacy groups, legal aid services and other groups that are registered as non profits need intelligent accountants to monitor daily expenses and revenues.

The work of non-profit accountants is muddied with strict spending guidelines for grants, donations and other unique revenue. You can use your talent for numbers and close observance of detailed information for good when you work with non-profit groups.

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