Cant Sell Wont Sell Oh Well

Face it. Some of us just cannot sell anything. We hate the thought of approaching anyone with even the slightest intention of selling them something. Ever got barbecue tickets from your kindergarten youngster? Did you feel the lump in your throat when you were asked, "Can you help me sell these tickets"? I bet you have.

You are not alone. But there is another way. Read on. Yes, it is a fact.

You, along with most people I know, hate to sell. Now, you are ready to plunge head first into your very own home business. Now you find that to your utter dismay you hear that , of all things, you will have to S-E-L-L! Don't despair.

You can start your home business, and prosper too, without selling anyone anything. Technology has truly come of age. Of all the things technology allows you to do, creating that perfect blend of technology and business models is one of the emerging trends that entrepreneurs are taking advantage of. Now this could just be the one thing that matches your introverted personality and still make you lots of money in the process. Before we talk about how you will be able to accomplish that, here are a few businesses that may NOT work for.

That's right! To succeed in these businesses, you will definitely have to sell, so if your home business requires good salesmanship, you may want to stay away from it for now. Good examples of these are network marketing, consulting, training, etc. Call it what you will. In order to be successful, at network marketing or any of the above, you will most definitely have to sell. True, some people don't call it selling, but the basic idea is that in order to get people to join your crusade, your MLM, or your network business, you basically have to convince them to do so.

You have to sell them the idea. Even if they join without personal interaction with you, sooner rather than later, you will have to sell them on the idea of doing something in order actually earn money. In fact, to be really successful at Network Marketing for example, you have to demonstrate real leadership, and that always involves selling people on your ideas, thoughts, processes, products, compensation plans, etc. As the internet evolves, you are now able to cast most of those cares into the lap of this lightning fast technological monster, and still reach thousands of people with your desired message. Just today, I read a fifty five page e-book that demonstrates this technology to the T.

People are gobbling up this stuff! All of a sudden, no-teeth Mo from backwoods Timbuktu is on the net and making money too. All because his geeky nephew understands the technology and is willing to set him up in his own internet business to boot! Now, if Mo can earn money from an online business without meeting you, shaking your hand and inviting you in for coffee, so can you. You need to find that business that blends technology with the right type of business that will allow you to earn an income from home without really selling anyone personally.

Here are a few things to look for in your search. Find them and you will find your pot of gold in no time: 1. Look for a business that sells digital services online without having to touch any inventory yourself. People must want the product on it's own merit, not just the money 2.

The product or service must be consumable in that it requires a monthly payment from the customer. That way, you'll guarantee yourself a monthly residual income for the sale you just made. 3. The vendor must pay you in several ways. These days a one-off commission is not good enough. Vendors can pay you for building a down line for them, pay you a one-off sign-up bonus, pay you a matrix residual income and more.

The more ways you can earn, the longer the business will last. 4. The vendor must provide fantastic tools for each member to promote the program or service so you won't have to do it. If very few tools are available to the new vendor, he will not know how to promote the business and will stop paying monthly fees.

The best strategy is to get him or her into profit quickly so that the business not be an expense a profit center instead. Only then will your new recruit remain in the business. 5. The business must provide some level of privacy without losing all credibility.

That way you will NOT be forced to get on the telephone with anyone regarding this business but as you become more comfortable and confident, you will not mind showing your picture or allowing someone to call you with questions. So there you have it then. Even if you can't sell or won't sell, you don't have to throw up your hands in despair. You can still make a go of this and make some money in the process.

I wish you the very best in your online business venture.

Anthony Chambers markets affiliate programs online and actively encourages unconventional thinking inside and outside the box. Catch him at

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