Career as Dredge Operator

A combination of hard work and smart work are essential to making a long and prosperous career in any field. In addition, if you are able to identify early enough what profession matches your interest and natural flair, you can be sure of success. Working on water can be a very different experience as compared to anything done on land. If this appeals to you, then you have several interesting career options. One such option is a career as a dredge operator.

Most of us do not get a chance to throw out a fishing rod every now and then to catch a fish for lunch while at work. A job as a dredge operator can give you this as also many other exciting moments that you cannot dream of, in a conventional job. Who is a dredge operator? Dredge operators operate power driven dredging machine in order to remove sand, and stones from rivers, lakes and streams. They are responsible for making channels in waterways navigable by scooping out gravel from the bottom.

They control machines used in any kind of dredging process, either manually or through various mechanical aids. If you choose to specialize in this profession, your problem solving and coordination skills can also be put to use as you may be called upon to assess material in order to solve problems. This will include establishing communication and coordinating with several members to complete a task. This profession will also ensure that you stay fit as it involves a lot of physical activities such as climbing, lifting of equipments, balancing of materials and walking. You can also fulfill your dream of flying an aircraft or sailing a watercraft, either of which may be required at some dredging sites.

What work does a dredging operator do? Dredge workers are involved in the placing of shore anchors and cables. They lay pipes from the dredge to the shore, and also perform the work of pumping water from pontoons. Movement of levers to place dredge in position for excavation of gravel comes under their scope of duties as also lowering an anchor pole in order to verify the depth of excavation. If the above introduction to this career option has fascinated you enough as to consider taking up this career, then you would want to know more about the skills and knowledge required, which are mentioned below: 1. Oceanography 2. Meteorology 3.

Physics 4. Fluid dynamics 5. Propulsion system The skill to operate small boats and hydraulic equipment along with navigation is important.

As a dredge operator, you will need to have control over a machine or vehicle, as you may have to adjust its position very quickly. The different levels of job positions in this field are: 1. Dredger 2. Dredge worker 3. Dredge mate 4. Dredge hand 5.

Dredge master 6. Dredge captain or engineer and 7. Dredge deckhand or level operator As a dredge worker, you will get an opportunity to both travel and live on board, as you may have to keep moving to different locations.

Since you would typically be working on a contract basis, the company that has retained your services will bear the cost of food and accommodation. Some employers provide travel benefits to their workers that allow them to go home during the weekends. As per a labor survey conducted in 2005, it is estimated that dredge operators earn around 600 dollars per day if they are exceptionally skilled.

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