Careers In Sound Engineering

Sound Engineering, which is also often referred as Audio Engineering, is a branch of audio science. Characteristically, sound engineering refers to the recording, copying, editing, mixing, and reproduction of sound by means of electronic and mechanical devices. Sound engineers employ a variety of recording devices such as high-tech microphones that are required to record even the slightest sound variations. Electronic mixing boards or console boards are an essential element of sound engineering that are used to control sound input while recording or editing music. They include a variety of switches, dials, lights, and meters.

Lights and meters facilitate the engineers to understand exactly the sounds that are recorded and their intensity. By means of switches and dials on the mixing boards, sound engineers monitor the sound input in terms of the volume, and sound quality. Other integral components of sound engineering include digital audio workstations, signal processors, and sequencing software. In movies, sound engineers and technicians incorporate the voices of actors in the movie sound tracks along with special sound effects. The movie 'Apocalypse Now' produced in the year 1979 is considered as a classic example of 'sound' films till date. Sound engineering is one of the most popular career options in the modern generation.

Sound engineers can have a promising career in movie and video production, advertising as well as sound broadcasting. However, it is crucial to receive formal training and a degree from a recognized institute, which is certified by accreditation association, such as NORDING or EURING. Sound Engineering Schools Generally, students obtain formal education and training in sound engineering through sound engineering schools. These schools offer extensive as well as intensive training in different fields of sound engineering such as Recording and Production. Since there are a large number of schools and institutes that impart this form of education, it is advisable to select a school on the basis of certain criteria. a.

Strength Of The Class And Amenities Offered - It is crucial to know the number of students enrolled in a program as it statistics reveal that institutes enrolling limited number of students offer better training environment. Another deciding factor is the facilities offered by the training school or institute. The Hartt School at University of Hartford (CT) restricts the number of students to thirty for its production program. This school has 6 modern studios, and is associated with the Yale theater department. As a result, students get theoretical as well as practical training in live recording.

b. Type Of School - Students looking for a full-fledged training and career in sound engineering, can opt for schools that are specialized and dedicated exclusively to Music and Video production. Others can opt for schools that are a part of a bigger organization or University.

c. Location - With this branch of career gaining popularity over the years, there are many institutes located in different cities that offer training as well as placement assistance. d. Reputation Of The School - It is important to select a school after verifying its credibility.

There are a large number of institutes that offer 12 week or 24 week courses in sound engineering. The advantage of such programs is that students can decide the pace of their program for better comprehension. Students also have the option of choosing the examination center that is convenient to them. These courses are becoming popular owing to their flexibility and convenience.

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