Clothes Can Make a Difference in Your Career Advancement

Men and women have to pay attention to how they dress on the job. If you don't, your job may be at risk. According to the San Antonio Express News the sexier a woman dresses and the more prominent a position she holds, the more negatively she's perceived. For men, it's slightly different. "What make men attractive to women--being industrious, ambitious, having a good job and a high status, being a powerful leader--are also the same traits that make them successful at work" These conclusions were presented by researcher, Peter Glick, in Psychology of Women Quarterly. For example, Glick found that sexy attire didn't hurt the receptionist's image.

But the same clothes worn by a woman in management made her seem less competent and less intelligent. Men can also dress too sexy for work. A shirt with too many open buttons showing cleavage might work great in a bar but not on the job. Offenses like that, committed by men and women, often go unpunished. But sometimes a little cleavage can mean losing a job. Executive coach Barbara Greene says, "Whatever you're wearing, you're representing not only yourself but also the company.

" Glick concludes that maintaining a professional appearance becomes even more important as workers climb the corporate ladder. Likewise Greene advises, "When you dress inappropriately, your authority is questioned and your credibility is questioned." She concludes, "The closer to the chief executive you are, the more conservatively you should dress." The same rules would apply to anyone preparing for a face-to-face interview or job search meeting. Your next employer has the expectation that you will present yourself consistent with the dress code of the organization you're interested in. So, we recommend you take the time to find out what those expectations are.

While no one may bring it to your attention, how you dress can make a big difference.

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