Construction Plant Operator Careers

The construction industry in the US poised for a major expansion is also one of the largest employers in the country. The sector is in the midst of a phase that promises a long-term growth, which has translated into a string of career opportunities for people who are interested in construction or any other career options related to this field. With the advancement in technology, the nature of work in construction industry has changed dramatically over the years. If you are looking for a challenging career in construction work and land reclamation, then you might want to consider the role of a construction plant operator as your career option. Why a career in the construction industry? There are 6.

9 million people employed in the construction industry all over the US. Every year, 240,000 new jobs arise in this sector. It is estimated that by the year 2012, there will be one million new jobs available in this fast growing industry. The prospects of earning a good compensation package, exciting job opportunities and long-term satisfaction are high if you have a flair for the job. Who is a construction plant operator? You must have seen machines such as 360-degree excavators and trucks used for moving soil, bulldozers and cranes on roadwork and construction sites.

Construction plant operators who man these machines are entrusted with the responsibility of driving and operating them. Additionally, they are also responsible for carrying out daily safety checks on the machines. Required skills: As a construction plant operator, you will have to work outdoors on site in all kinds of weather.

The work hours can stretch depending on the nature of work and the deadline to be met. You need to possess: 1) Knowledge about vehicle mechanism. 2) A good health along with sharp eyesight.

3) Good communication skills as you have to work with different people. 4) Comfortable with working at a height 5) Comfortable with working in a team. If you think you have these skills, you can make a successful career as a construction plant operator. Educational qualification: A certificate or diploma in construction along with a sound knowledge of Mathematics and English may help you get an entry level opening, although there are no special requirements for entry in this field.

Training: As a construction plant operator, you will have to undergo structured training period in order to learn to handle construction machines or equipments like cranes, compaction machines, or dumper trucks. You can join a training institute that provides on the job training of operating and maintaining of various construction machines. Career opportunities as a construction plant operator: There are several career opportunities as a construction plant operator. You can be employed by: 1) Building or civil engineering contractors 2) Local authorities 3) Public organizations or 4) Plant hire companies.

You can also get to work abroad on a contract basis. There are options for you to move into work areas like: 1) Plant coordination 2) Selection and evaluation of machinery for new projects. 3) Estimation After a few years of relevant exposure, you can also make progress to supervisory positions in plant sales and construction site management. Annual Income If you have the required skills and the right attitude, you can earn a nice paycheck in this industry. The annual salary of a construction plant operator excluding benefits as per surveys conducted in 2003 range between 36000 USD and 45000 USD. Additionally, most companies offer free food, accommodation, travel and a decent per diem allowance when an operator is deputed to sites in different locations.

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