Domestic Helpers from the Philippines A New Breed of Superheroes

There is no question to the capacity of domestic helpers from the Philippines. They have earned both a source of living and the admiration of a lot of people around the world. Through their resilience, dedication to duty, and loyalty to their employers, they were able to give a better life to their families. It is common to middle class families anywhere to hire from a maid - either those who live-in or from one who lives out.

However, here in the Philippines, maids suffer from low wage and extreme work compared to domestic helpers in other countries. A beginner is lucky enough to get $20 a month as salary while a long time servant makes between $30 and $40 and free food and lodging. It is indeed due to financial need and poverty that forces more homemakers to venture in foreign lands. This exodus also includes numerous professional who choose to work abroad than suffer poverty in the country. But simply speak the name of a Filipina and what will follow is an utterance of praises from their employers.

Considering the high cost of almost everything, a domestic helper will never survive with such a low salary. For this reason, they are seeking opportunities outside the Philippines, even if it means leaving the great loves of their life. Domestic helpers are the Philippine's pride anywhere they go; they are never a disappointment. In many countries, it is considered a great achievement to have a Filipino maid in one's abode.

Further, they are found to be full of life and bursting with enthusiasm, even if they are assigned to do some dirty jobs. They seldom ever complain, and they can work for very long hours from dawn to midnight. Moreover, they can do a multitude of tasks, from babysitting, caregiving, cooking, and doing household chores. Because of these traits, they are very much admired not only by their foreign employers, but by almost everyone around the world. Abroad, domestic helpers considerably earn so much more than if they simply worked in their native country. In the Philippines, a beginner is likely to receive a monthly salary of just $20.

00, while the more experienced ones are bound to receive roughly between $30.00 and $40.00 a month only. Another reason why Filipinas are preferred is their ability to communicate well in English.

They are also fast learners with the language their employers speak. Unlike the Chinese, Mexicans, and Indians, they speak more fluent and understand their employer's instruction better because they know their language. These Filipina domestic helpers are wanted, too, and desired of in France and Italy. In Greece, it is almost an indication of wealth to be able to hire a Filipina maid.

About the Author : Alice Sy has extensive experience as a domestic help head hunter. Make sure you visit the top domestic helper agency Hong Kong before hiring your live-in maid.

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