Getting Hired as a Medical Transcriptionist

So you've gone through training as a medical transcriptionist and you're ready to work. Surely someone will hire you! This may be the hardest part if your school does not offer job placement assistance or if you studied on your own. Not all or even many companies hire inexperienced medical transcriptionists. It can pay, however, to check with companies whose listed requirements you do not meet due to lack of experience.

Some may make exceptions if you can pass their test. Testing is a quick way for a company to find out what your skill level is. If the company is local, they may test you at their location; distant companies may send out a test or have you test online. No matter how the test is performed, don't rush, and make sure to check your work. A good school will help you with finding companies willing to test and hire you. You will want to have some idea as to the schedule you will be willing to work.

I would suggest being available for at least 20 hours per week. Some companies may require that you stick to a schedule, so be realistic about the hours you can work. Don't assume that any children you may have will cooperate or that naps will always be a particular length. You'll have an advantage if they are in school, but otherwise, be ready to work at night or early in the morning when the children are asleep. You will need peace and quiet to be able to understand some of the doctors. Be careful when you choose an employer, as there are scam companies in this field, just as in many other work at home opportunities.

Some companies out there claim to hire completely inexperienced people and train them as medical transcriptionists, but so far I have not heard of one that was not a scam. The catch is that you can never meet their standards to become a paid employee. Don't fall for it. Fortunately, there are plenty of good companies out there. With outsourcing to other countries it can be a little rougher than it used to be, but the jobs are still out there.

If your school offers help in landing that first job, take their help. Some only include it with their more expensive plans, so you want to think ahead even before you begin training. All is not lost if you don't have help finding that first job. Research medical transcription employers and ask on medical transcription forums about companies willing to hire new graduates.

Check with local doctors, dentists, chiropractors, etc. The jobs are out there, it just takes a little effort to find them.

Stephanie Foster writes about her experience in medical transcription at You can learn more about landing your first medical transcription job at her site.

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