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Admission Procedure in Universities Abroad Admissions procedure in Universities abroad is very different from what it is in India. When students apply abroad to any University they have to be sure that they send all the required documents well before the application deadline. Universities usually inform students of their admission decisions well in advance of the beginning term.

If you have received admission in more than one university, you will have to decide which one you want to attend. At this stage, you should compare a few objective and mostly more subjective criteria. The points you should focus on the following criterion: Objective Criteria ? Best program curriculum, length of program, choice of courses ? Best funding offer or best program with respect to costs ? Cost of living ? Strength of related departments/program Subjective Criteria ? Overall reputation of university/department/program ? Location-region, safety of neighborhood ? Climate ? Social life ? Facilities available ? Accommodation & housing Basically the decision factors at this stage would be mainly three points: ? Best program ? Best funding offer ? Best for your personal goals and needs It is essential to do a lot of research on the universities and their offerings. Colleges and universities offer varied educational packages.

You will have to find out which of these are likely to meet your goals by spending time in the reference library. The more time and effort you put in and the better you utilize your researching skills, the greater are your chances of achieving your goals. Each college will tell you exactly what steps to follow to confirm your acceptance of their offer of admission and how to prepare for your first term. This information will be included with the letter of admission or in materials that will be sent to you shortly thereafter. You must respond with a "Yes" or "No" for each offer of admission. You may also be required to submit a financial deposit to the institution that you plan to attend.

This is to guarantee your place in the class. Make sure you do not miss any deadlines.

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