Heading for the Top The Secret of Job Success

Not everyone is cut out for job success in management. Even fewer for senior management. But if you are . .

. and you're serious about doing whatever you need to for job success at the upper levels . .

. then here's a secret plan that will guarantee your success. It's called "teaming up with a mentor." Mick Quinn has written a book called, "Power and Grace--An Adventure in awakened living." Mick is a highly successful entrepreneur.

He's discovered that successful people follow a similar path. His message applies particularly to anyone seeking to seriously advance themselves within the organization. Here's what Quinn recommends. 1. Identify the leaders and power brokers.

These are the innovators behind the company's success. How do you spot them? They emerge when important decisions have to be made, often in a crisis situation. They never fold under extreme pressure.

2. Apprentice yourself. It's hands-on learning where you get to work for a master.

In corporate America they are the leaders who make, promote and sell their company's products. Once you identify a leader in your department, you can ask him/her is you can work with or observe him/her so you can learn and participate. It's a unique opportunity to pick up on this person's job success wisdom. 3. Don't put any time limits on the process. However long it takes, the idea is to emerge as an innovator, leader and teacher.

4. Become a mentor yourself. Once you've gained the confidence, knowledge and wisdom, be prepared to give away what you've acquired. You may be pleasantly surprised when an inexperienced worker approaches you and asks you to be his/her mentor because they recognized your special leadership qualities.

Job success doesn't come easy. But it is predictable when you employ a strategy like mentorship. It's one of the many alternative concepts we recommend that can put you head and shoulders over the competition. Alternative strategies in the job search business have revolutionized the career advancement process.

Employing these remarkable techniques can guarantee your success. For example, using our amazing alternative job search strategies, our customers are able to find good jobs in as little as two weeks! If you're in the job market or you're seriously looking to advance your career then you want to check out the World's Fastest Alternative Job Search System. And discover why it's helped thousands since 1985 achieve astonishing success.

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