Interview Control Its Easy When You Set the Tone

Ok. So you got invited in for an interview. It's time for interview control. Maybe your resume did the trick. Or you were referred by an agency.

Or maybe you used an alternative job search strategy and got introduced directly to a decision-maker. Whoever it is you're going to meet with, you basically have one shot to make an impression. The result of your initiative will determine whether or not you proceed to the next step .

. . or even get a job offer. Notice, I said "your initiative." This means you have to establish interview control. Gone forever are the days when you could dress nice and then passively sit and answer some questions.

Unless you're content to be treated like just another number. Which means you're a good candidate for a TNT (thanks-but-no-thanks) letter. Remember, interviewers at all levels see lots of prospects. You need to stand out from the rest. The secret is to present you in a memorable way. Now, there are many proven tactics to help you attract attention and gain control of the interview.

But I want to focus here on some whereby you set the interview control tone in the first three minutes. If you can't do this, your interview will be just another routine Q & A session. So, here are three important tips. 1. Greet the interviewer with a smile.

Look directly into his/her eyes. Give a firm handshake (be sure to wipe your hands before you go into so they're not wet or clammy.) 2. When you're invited to sit down, move the chair a couple inches. This is a proven technique for breaking the spell and establishing your own space as well as a certain independence.

3. Take the initiative to talk first. And you do that by paying a friendly compliment.

Say something nice about the organization that you've learned. Or about the interviewer. Or perhaps there's something in the office (like a picture or plaque) that deserves a friendly comment. The main thing is that you're prepared to speak up first. Interview control is critical to your success. There are lots of books about how to conduct yourself in an interview.

But if you can't get past the first three minutes, the rest of the session will become another routine procedure that turns you into another cipher. Looking beyond the first three minutes, your interview control goal is to establish rapport and chemistry. For a very simple reason. Studies have shown that if an interviewer doesn't feel some connection with you, you'll never move forward.

And interview control requires that you be prepared in advance to take the initiative.

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