Job Market A Big Part Of Societys Problems

When stating my first business it was my goal to work a part-time or full-time position during start-up so that I could have consistent money coming in. I had never been unemployed and I was surprised at how difficult it was to obtain employment. When I was employed I was under the impression that those who were not working were either lazy or just lacked the education and skills necessary to do anything worthwhile. Now I realize that is not the case. I have two college degrees, so I have many skills and I look for jobs every day.

In the past eight months I have went to around 20 interviews and received no job offers.I quickly realized why people sell drugs, steal, and kill. Even if you have the skills you can still get screwed over, The biggest problem in the employment process is, employers don't want to train people, they discriminate against certain people, and they pay people less than what they are worth. This also made me realize, the only way to make it in this world financially is by creating wealth on your own.

Employers would rather hurt individuals than help them. It is unfortunate but that is how it is.

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By: Andre Bias

Job Search

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