Jump Start Your Career In Aircraft Ground Handling

The aviation industry offers many opportunities and exciting careers, which doesn't always involve flying but the care and maintenance of the aircrafts on the ground level. Aircraft ground handling jobs range from catering, cabin service, ramp service, maintenance and engineering services and field operation service. All these areas require efficient personal who is qualified and trained for the job; while some of the areas such as maintenance or the aircrafts need professional qualifications others such as catering and cabin service offer training as part of the job. The aviation industry is constantly growing as the world is shrinking and traveling is becoming a part of every day's routine whether you are going to another city for a conference of to another country for vacation therefore, the need for qualified and unqualified aircraft ground handling personal will always be on demand.

If you are already an aspiring student in the aviation industry the best way to get experience while still studying is to get a job in your area of expertise and thus, by the time you graduate you can be closer to getting your job of choice without any more management training that companies usually apply to those who is new on the job. Cabin service implies preparing the aircraft for the next passengers by cleaning and refilling the items that were used by the previous passengers such as, blankets, pillows, safety charts and magazines. Catering requires ensuring that the cabin crew receives the required food and dinks supply for the next flight as well as removing the used food and drink containers created by the previous passengers.

Ramp service is a bit more technical and usually involves guiding the aircraft in and out of the parking area, towing, refilling the water, lavatory drainage, luggage and/or cargo handling, refueling, providing passengers stairs, providing wheelchair lift and providing power for the aircraft. Maintenance and engineering services are very specific and usually involves ensuring that the aircraft is safe and ready to be used. Field operation service includes professionals that help direct the aircrafts from the air control tower and maintaining communications as needed. To jump start your career in aircraft ground handling contact industry leaders in specialized recruiting, who for years have been leading the way in placing professionals and non-professionals in UK and around the world in the aviation industry. Recruiting agencies are directly contacted by large corporations, agents and caterers that are in charge of aircraft ground handling services and they can view and consider your application within minutes from the time you register.

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