Mistakes jobseekers make

With the amount of jobseekers actively looking for employment, when you apply for your dream job ? you are in competition. It is vital that you optimize your odds by appearing to be the most appropriate applicant. There are some common errors that many jobseekers will inevitably make without realising it.

When looking for a job, most people will revise their old CV and add any recent experience that may be absent. This sounds like the first thing to do when starting a job hunt, however, if you want to assert yourself as the ideal candidate, it is important to do more that just dust off an old CV. To impress employers, your CV should be adapted to each specific position you apply for. Consider the skills and qualifications this particular position will require. By writing a CV that appeals directly to the employer's needs and necessities, you will improve your odds of success.

When reading a CV, employers will generally examine it for an about 30 seconds. If they notice something relevant to the position, eg experience or certain skills, they are more likely to read through thoroughly. Once you have completed your CV, you should improve your chances further by writing a covering letter to be sent with it. Many people are happy to write this in a very general and impersonal way so that it can be sent out to numerous companies.

Employers will most certainly be more interested in those candidates that have made a reference to the company itself, for example "I would like to work for your company because?" Before sending your CV and covering letter, ask a few friends or relatives to read through it to check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Both documents will be considered as examples of you work and should therefore be good quality. Many positions advertised today will be open for application through the internet. This means that for many jobs, you will need to apply via email.

If this is the case for your position, your email should be more than a quick note with an attachment. You should consider each email you send as an example of your writing skills and avoid using shorthand for example 'hav' instead of 'have' and 'u' instead of 'you'. This will look unprofessional and employers are far less likely to even consider your application. Print out both the email and attachments before sending them and review their content. It may also be useful to send the email to a friend first to ensure that it will be received as you want it to look. When invited to attend an interview, some are aware that it is more than just an opportunity for employers to get to know you.

Employers will be more compelled to consider your application if you sound genuinely interested. When your interviewer asks whether you have any questions, always think of some to ask. Before you go along to the interview, have a list of a few questions that you would like to ask. This will not only make you look more prepared, but also more interested Following an interview, it is a common misconception that there is nothing to do but wait to hear your interviewer's feedback. It is never a bad idea to send a 'Thank you' letter or email, thanking your interviewer for the opportunity as well as his/her time. If you do not hear from your interviewer after a few days, it is a good idea to telephone.

It is tempting to keep your distance to avoid 'getting on anyone's nerves' but the persistent jobseeker is usually a successful one!. is an incredibly successful company, recruiting some of the brightest people, and rapidly expanding with lots of exciting job opportunities and services!

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