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In the UK, some areas of specialization for nurses include office nurses, hospital nurses, nursing home nurses, and home health care nurses. Community nursery nurses provide services aimed at improving the health and well-being of families with children up to the age of eight years. As a community nursery nurse in London, you would first work with a health visitor to assess a familys needs for care and would then work with the family, following an agreed care or plan.

Community nursery nurses serve families with sick children, families with mental health, addiction or disability issues and children who need protection.

Community nursery nurse may offer support from clinics, community centers or GP surgeries and in clients homes. Your tasks could include assessing childrens development and referring to other professionals when necessary, making home visits and monitoring any concerns, demonstrating the importance of play in childrens development by setting up individual play activities in clients homes, or group sessions in the community, providing information and advice to families on issues such as immunization, diet and stopping smoking, helping to set up groups to discuss ways of dealing with specific issues, such as behavior management, weaning and toilet training, advising on home safety, accident prevention and safe play, providing advice and support on breastfeeding, passing on to health visitors or community matrons any concerns like signs of abuse or neglect. Community nursery nurses keep records; attend staff meetings, case conferences and reviews.

To work in London as a community nursery nurse, you need suitable nursery nursing qualification like BTEC National Diploma in Childrens Care, Learning and Development, CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Child Care and Education and NVQ Level 3 in Childrens Care, Learning and Development. You also need to have around two years experience with pre- school children. Driving license and CRB clearance is must. Once you join work as a Community nursery nurse, you would receive on-job training from your employer covering every day issues and situations you are likely to come across everyday including child protection, basic life support, moving and handling of patients, maintaining patient confidentiality and consent, health safety and risk management. Increasing your qualifications and keeping your knowledge up to date will help you to progress in your career.

As a community nursery nurse, you will be dealing with very young infants and you will certainly profit by taking a baby massage course recognized by the Guild of Infant and Child Massage, UK.

You can take training courses in parenting and child behavior management, infant nutrition, health promotion, and child and adult abuse like domestic violence and drug abuse. You will finally be able to achieve a NVQ Level 4 in Childrens Care, Learning and Development.


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