Organizing Your Job Search

Most of us are resigned to living life in the fast lane and have accepted our monotonous and robotic routines as normal. There is hardly any time to sit down and plan or organize important issues relating to our general well being or our careers. While the home front may be balanced on account of contributions by other family members, our vocational choices and career path may suffer due to a lack of organization. Proper Planning There are a number of ways in which your job search could be organized.

Proper planning helps to save on time, energy and precious funds. The following steps should be taken: -Attempt a career quiz -Subscribe to newsletters with extensive career classifieds -Be alert and identify career and internship opportunities -Identify institutions that could enhance your prospects to meet career goals -Find out about distance learning opportunities There are also a number of books available to help with organizing your job search. There are four simple rules that make organizing your job search easier. You should manage your time effectively and conscientiously. All relevant information should be written down systematically and methodically, so that it is easily accessible when needed. You should organize your workspace and get rid of any clutter.

Last but not least, you should implement a plan of action that works well for you. You should space your attempts to identify a job in a way that does not affect your enthusiasm. Schedule your job search activities two hours a day, six days a week. It is essential to take a break to recuperate and recharge, mentally and physically. Organizing Yourself You need to update yourself regularly on the kind of competition you are facing in your chosen career. You must constantly analyze your chances, on the basis of your skills and experience and make constant efforts to establish new contacts and widen your network.

Attempting to organize your job search involves keeping track of all information and communications. You should categorize all the information gathered from the very beginning. This enables you to access important details on people and companies, as and when required. It helps to list prospective employers according to the following: -The size of the organization.

-Its geographical location. -Potential for your growth within the organization. You Should Design Your Own Portfolio, Complete With: -Several copies of your resume. -Copies of references and letters of recommendation. -Samples of your experience, like essays, research and published articles.

One of the biggest challenges faced while organizing your job search is to keep to scheduled appointments. All appointments should be logged, to prepare for interviews, and you should make timely follow-up phone calls. The task of organizing your job search should be conducted professionally, with a methodical approach.

You should set your priorities right from the beginning and work towards assessing all the available job opportunities. This will ensure that you narrow down the best offers and finally accept one that provides a good opportunity for you to grow personally and professionally.

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solution's Six Sigma Online offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

Job Search

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