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After the performance of an employee is appraised, the superior should inform the employee about the level of the employee's performance, the reason for the need for improvement of performance, and the methods of this improvement. The superior should counsel the employee about his performance and the methods of improving it.Counseling is a planned, systematic intervention in the life of an individual who is capable of choosing the goal and the direction of his own development. Thus the purpose of counseling is to help the employee to be aware of his own performance, his strengths and weaknesses, opportunities available for performance development, and the threats in the form of technological change. Performance counseling can be done in the form of performance interview by the superior.The post-appraisal interview has been considered by most of the organizations, as well as employees, as the most essential part of any appraisal system.

This interview provides the employee the feedback information. It also gives the appraiser an opportunity to explain to the employee his rating, as well as the traits and behavior he has taken into consideration for appraisal.It also gives the opportunity to the employee to explain his views about the rates, standards or goals, rating scale, internal and external environment, or causes for a low level of performance. Further it helps both the parties to review standards, set new standards based on the reality factors, and helps the appraiser to offer suggestions coach the employee through his advancement.

Thus the post-appraisal interview is designed to achieve certain objectives. The first objective is to let employees know where they stand. The second objective is to help employees do a better job by clarifying what is expected of them. The third objective is to plan opportunities for development and growth. The fourth is to strengthen the superior- subordinate working relationships by developing a mutual agreement of goals.

Last but not least, the post-appraisal interview provides an opportunity for employees to express themselves on performance-related issues.

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By: Jimmy Sturo

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