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New website owners are doomed from the start if they know nothing about website optimisation, that is until they realise that there is a lot more to learn than just building a website.It is a learning process from start to finish and no one can relax and expect their business to continue without constant attention to what is going on in the world of cyberspace. Blogging is tops as far as the search engines are concerned BUT for how long ?.Search engines like Google are fickle and what is in favour right now could suddenly take a tumble as something new is discovered.

Any thing is possible in this world of cyberspace and nothing stands still as we who have been on the internet for a few years have found out.To make your fortune on the internet is like winning the lottery, you have to be one of the lucky ones.If you are inventive and can think up an idea that has never seen the light of day then you could be on to a winner but how many of us are that clever.

There is no getting away from it search engines are the be all and end all of your success, over the years my earnings have fluctuated from high to low alternatively depending on where they have decided to place my websites next.One big mistake I made when my website was ranked highly and enjoying a good position on the front page of the searches was this:.This fact was something I had not got around to learning yet but as they say you learn by your mistakes, I learned the hard way.I made the decision to change my website completely, instead of doing it slowly and in small steps over a few weeks I just wiped the lot completely and went for a new look.

This hit me hard and although I did not lose my pr 6 rank I disappeared completely out of the search engine.I was gone for several months and I was seriously thinking of abandoning the website and starting afresh with a new one when it suddenly appeared back on page 1 of Google. Sadly since the changes of the Google algorithm and the beginning of the blogging craze my website has not enjoyed the same glory, I must admit I neglected it for quite a while as I looked for pastures new and that has resulted in a drop of my pr and once again extreme fluctuating in the placement of my website in the searches.

So the lesson here is never go to the extreme and alter your website in one go, if you think it needs a revamp then do it slowly over a few weeks that way you will not upset the search engines.For anyone who is interested I have on my website below daily lessons on website optimisation at the moment at day 11. I sometimes miss a day if I am very busy but visit the following day and the next lesson will be there.Of course blogging is the in thing for success and can help your website greatly if your blog is interesting enough to attract followers.

By now everyone knows that blogging consists of daily happenings in where ever your interest lies, it can be added to daily or just two or three times a week.

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