The Benefits Of Charter And Scheduled Flight Positions

For pilots and mechanics throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, there are major considerations in their hunt for the perfect job. Like other professionals, flight professionals need to consider salary, geographical location, benefits, and advancement as part of their job search. As well, pilots and mechanics need to think about the future of a potential employer and the industry in general before leaping into the airline industry. However, many young professionals overlook the major issue of whether to work with charter or airline companies. Airline companies get the benefit of the doubt from job hunters, while charter companies are seen as a last resort.

Pilots and other flight professionals should consider charter companies as a great job option, not necessarily a stepping stone to airline positions. After all, charter companies exist all over the world and offer young professionals and new graduates the opportunity to get experience while living in an exotic location. As well, charter companies can prove to be a part time job, as some locations have rainy or storm seasons that do not allow many flights. Finally, charter companies offer a good salary in high traffic areas like the Caribbean and South America. However, charter companies in certain areas of the world offer an irregular schedule of flights year round that makes settling down a difficult proposition.

As well, charter planes and equipment are often behind the times and do not allow pilots and other professionals to enjoy the conveniences of airline jobs. Charter companies may provide benefits to young professionals but the quality of health care and banking in other parts of the world may not compare favorably to the United Kingdom and Europe. Indeed, the major benefit of airline positions is the consistency and reliability of these companies. Airline pilots and maintenance professionals receive a regular wage, regulated by their union, and benefits that ensure the health of a professional and their family. As well, the high quality equipment and upkeep of airliners are vastly superior to charter planes. However, airline jobs can become incredibly grueling as pilots have to work long hours and endure the rigors of international flights and extensive layovers.

Indeed, airline pilots and onboard personnel often have to stay away from home for much of the year if they are flying international or long distance flights. Young professionals need to balance out these pros and cons when deciding their path in the flight industry.

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