The Need For Creativity In The Aerospace Industry

Throughout the aerospace industry, there is ample evidence that creativity is the driving force for the industry's success. The space programs of the United States and Russia, begun in the 1950s, were fuelled by equal parts political competition and the imagination necessary to envision space travel. The miniaturisation of engines and other aeroplane parts has come as a result of the creative developments of the aerospace engineering, which saw the need to make smaller planes to meet a variety of consumer needs. As well, the innovation of the commercial flight industry came from the imaginations of aerospace and business professionals who saw an opportunity to improve transportation throughout the world.

The need for creativity in the aerospace industry is often overlooked, if only because of the technical and financial aspects of building planes and satellites. Creative designers, managers, and others are able to provide new technologies and concepts that keep a firm ahead of the competition. Overall, a creative workforce can separate strong aerospace firms from the rest of the competition while maintaining the financial bottom line. One way for aerospace professionals to provide a creative solution is to look to the past for inspiration. The failed designs and concepts of the industry's past can help designers and engineers avoid problems and repeated failures that can harm an aerospace firm.

A study of the general progress of the aerospace industry may lead an engineer to figure out the next natural step in aerospace innovation. An innovative way of bringing new influences into the aerospace industry is to look at innovations in the automobile, manufacturing, and homebuilding industries. From comfortable seating to production processes, outside industries can provide great influences on the aerospace field. Creativity works best when there are some basic parameters that keep designers and engineers from going off on flights of fancy.

All aerospace professionals need to keep in mind a project budget when creating a new piece of technology. As well, designers and engineers need to think about practicality first when coming up with a new design or concept. However, aerospace firms also need to think about the marketability of their products when employing the creative process. Commercial aeroplanes need to include corporate designs in the end product and airlines are conscious of the design of aeroplanes as part of their corporate identity.

In the end, designers and engineers have a lot of considerations to include into their creative process.

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