The Symbiotic Relationship of Career and Mind Control

Have you ever asked yourself why there are many mediocre career professionals out there and only a handful of highly successful ones? How about you, are you really happy with your job? Are you doing what you have always wanted to do? Or are you just one of those living in mediocrity? Take heed; you can gain control of your mind and ultimately use that to build yourself enjoyable career. Several things will need improvement to help you find success. The good thing is, you can change all that by using your mind to turn things around.

How you do that is all up to you. To get control of your mind, allot some time for quiet meditation. This will help clear your mind of all kinds of worries. Focus on one major thing you would want to achieve in your chosen career that you havent been successful at yet. Create a mantra that you can repeat over and over during your meditation. This will help you focus.

Just as an example, you might say, God create me. I achieve anything I set my mind to. Once you put your mind into the quiet sphere, visualize what you want. Determine what you really want. Did you really dream of becoming a writer, even though you ended up as an office clerk? Did you really want to become a musician, but your parents told you to get a business degree? It is scientifically proven that mental visualization actively speeds up recovery from diseases and controls pain. It also helps you realize goals in a shorter span of time than you would achieve without the visualization.

Be ready to fulfill your goal by following up your visualization with action. Even the Bible states that, Faith without work is dead. The best way to start accomplishing what you want is by working towards it. Move out of your comfort zone. Take risks and stand by what you have chosen to do. You are the master of your destiny; remember that.

When you have reached a level where you are at peace with yourself and know what you want, you will notice positive changes in these professional aspects: 1. Decision-making process You will notice that your mind is free of negative thoughts, so it quickly prioritizes tasks and sees those things you will need to do to achieve success. 2. Communication skills You will notice that you are learning to listen to what other people have to say and not just figuring out where you can jump into the conversation when someone else is talking. 3. Memory retention Consistant meditation sharpens the mind and makes you remember information that is essential to your job easily.

4. Stress management Since you are at peace with almost everything, stress will usually be a foreign concept to you; you will be able to manage it even if you cannot totally eradicate it. 5. Leadership skills Remember that there is no such thing as a born leader.

A true leader learns how to guide with patience, perseverance, and hard work. Mind control is not just about hypnotism or the prediction of events. Mind control is that, but it is much more.

If you can control your mind and exhibit discipline in your chosen field, you can reach the fullest of your potential. with Leon Edward brings Best of Web Self Improvement News Daily, Articles, Blog, Free Newsletter, Training to Improve in Goal Setting, Memory, Time Management, IQ, Public Speaking, Success, Leadership, Stress Management, Self-Help Rolodex plus provides FREE Content

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