University the Best Years of Your Life

There will be a group of friends who listen, laugh, learn and stay together. They are the connections to our later part of the life. Everyone will have some wonderful friends surrounding them, wherever they go.

They say wholeheartedly that the university life is the best years of their lives. To them, it is acceptable that life does not bring a great deal better than this. Anyone can identify the university students easily due to their unique dress sense. It has been in practice that on every special occasion they wear special dresses depicting the occasions.

They also wear dresses as per the subjects; for instance, chemistry students wear red-coloured dresses and the students of educational sciences are clad in white attires. Though these are small issues, it could give lots of fun in the young age. The remarkable moments during the formation of a students union, the way they looked after the interests of the students and the way they offered a variety of services are unforgettable. The union was always there even to pay attention to the smallest things of the students and to satisfy their particular interests. The parties they organised would make the students forget about the field of study for some time and the memories of study programs they conducted would be stored in their mind till eternity. If the students joined together in the University, and decided to have fun, then there would be some interesting aspects for everyone.

Be it photography, sports, literature, drinking, scouting, theatre or any other strategic games, one can find a club for all sort of interests. Life would not be dull in the University. It is full of fun and one can spend the best years of their lives rather than being alone at home.

University is the gateway to a life of greater confidence, happiness, prosperity, and good as well as bad experiences. No one can think of being surrounded by companions all along as in the university. However, the students must be careful that, though they can have fun, they should play it safe. If they explore academic and novel extracurricular activities and the opportunities, definitely they can have a great time. They get the satisfaction that they had properly utilised the chance they had to form a good foundation for their career. The intimate classrooms, meticulous assignments, excellent curriculum, lifelong friendship, role model professors who mentor the students in every endeavour, all contribute to a unique and commendable experience in education in the Universities.

It is a golden period without which no one could emerge successful in their career. Attending classes would not be a burden during the period of enjoying the university life. Professors know very well that the students are adults and they will not care much whatever they do.

They would not hold the hands of the students as school teachers and cosset them too much when they miss. All they can do is that they will mark for their absence in the record. However, the sincere students would actively listen to the classes and there would not be any other better way to learn. University provides a room for aiming high and to work towards that.

One can clearly articulate their vision during that period. All the universities have been acting as a home of hopes, confidence, dreams, inspirations and promises. A time would come in the life of everyone when he would see the flashback of his life. When a person is busy with his daily routines and finds no time to relax, the nostalgia of his university life would definitely flash in his mind. Though there are differences in every university campus, the life and the experiences would be the same. The first experience of the students in their colleges, the way they survived and the graduation day would remain the best days of one's life.

Everyone will look back with a painful heart when they remember their past in the university. Everyone of us should try to cherish those pleasant days in the university and should not allow those memories to pass by.

James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you are a UK or Overseas student applying for a place in a UK University, to stand out from the thousands of others, it is essential to have striking Personal Statement, for more information and professional guidance, see

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