Using College Student Jobs to Open Doors in the Professional World

College students throughout the United Kingdom turn to part-time employment to help pay for university fees and living expenses. These jobs are often seen as an expedient way to earn a pay check without consideration of potential work experience that would be useful down the road. University students who take the time to research part-time and temporary jobs during their period of matriculation will be able to point to these experiences in the future.

Students interested in marketing, advertising and design need to think of retail positions as a way to learn the basics of their future profession. A shoe clerk can work at a small boutique and create hand-written signs to draw in customers while they make a steady wage. Cashiers at a local grocery can inquire about the daily business dealings of the company through their managers. These positions may seem like opportunities to pay off monthly debts but a few months of hard work can open doors down the road. The references built through college student jobs can reveal professional opportunities after graduation. University graduates who have spent their summers working hard on construction sites, delivery routes and factory lines will develop good relationships with their employers.

These employers can be placed on a CV for contact by dozens of employers in the future. In the same way that flat mates and university colleagues are important at the beginning of a professional career, references from college student jobs are vital to landing the best jobs. College student jobs allow employees to save a little of their money while they pay off some of their larger debts. A combination of college student loans, savings from summer work and a steady check from a student job gives a student greater financial flexibility through graduation. The cost of living grows as students move into a new apartment and need to purchase household items after graduation. A small chunk of each check can be set aside for a post-graduation fund instead of going into disposable goods like MP3s and drinks.

Students who plan ahead with their university employment will build the skills needed to deal with long term issues in their profession. A young student who takes on a temporary job in a legal office and wants to work in international affairs can ask the right questions of her employer about the right educational course. A well-planned employment experience during the university years can lead to prosperity down the road.

Mike Sandiford is the Sales Manager at JustClick, who are a leading source of Graduate Jobs and Graduate Careers, also offering a Graduate Lifestyles portal with news and reviews on current affairs.

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