Warning Signs That Your Career Is Off Track

Sometimes the changes in our career direction are so subtle and gradual that we fail to notice them. But the earlier you see that you're headed in the wrong direction, the easier it is to get yourself back on course, or adjust course, if necessary.All too often, unwary workers realize they're on the wrong track after years of time and energy have been expended. Foresight and extreme self-honesty can go a long way to prevent failure and disappointment.Here are some warning signs that your career may be off track:.

1) You no longer feel a sense of passion and purpose about your career. What excited you ten years ago may not excite you now. Or it may be that you never have been excited about your career. You may have entered this career because it promised money or because it was expected of you.2) What you do on a daily basis is motivated primarily by the avoidance of hassle.

If you don't keep up a minimum level of productivity, the boss will be upset. If you don't work on certain reports, certain colleagues will miss their own deadlines. There is no intrinsic value to you in what you are doing.

3) You often find yourself fantasizing about doing something else. We all fantasize about better and more glamorous jobs, but if you frequently find yourself fantasizing about working in an entirely different field, it might merit exploration.4) Your performance reviews are less than stellar.

Perhaps you're no longer included in key projects. Your coworkers seem to get all the kudos and you only get criticism, or worse, you're ignored. Your boss doesn't seem to like you. Your clients seem less than satisfied. Even worse, the above are occurring and you find you don't really care.

5) When you envision yourself five or ten years into the future and imagine yourself in the same line of work, you're depressed.What to do?.It may just be a phase. We all become periodically disenchanted with our work.

But it usually passes. Often a new project or a vacation is enough to light the fire again. If you think it's just a phase, take positive action to bring the phase to an end as quickly as possible.If it's not a phase, then it's time to do some serious reflecting about your future.

Life is too short to continue down the wrong career path. Visit the library and borrow some books on career choices. Go online and explore the multitude of career advice sites. Learn everything you can about career transitions, and embark upon a plan of action.And finally, be grateful that we live in a time and a culture when career changes are becoming accepted as the norm. Gone are the days when people were expected to adhere to the career decision they made when they were in high school.

In fact, nowadays, career changes are seen as positive forces in our lives. They keep us fresh, engaged, and interested, which are three qualities we need to do a good job in whatever line of work we're in.

.Holly Zenith is a professional woman by day and a netpreneur by night. Her mission is to help women move forward in their lives and make their dreams come true. Please visit her at http://hollyzenith.


By: Holly Zenith

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