Welding as a Profession

In today's society welding is one of the most sought after trades. Most companies and factories are looking to hire people who have had some form of training with regards to welding. Welding was not always this popular. At one time it was seen as a lower class profession and people, who were employed as welders, were not paid a high wage for the work that they do. However, today in society we see a different trend.

The welding profession is considered a good trade and most welders are paid a good wage for the work that they do. Like any other profession there are variations in the amount of money that welders are being paid but this all depends on where you work and why type of welding work you do. The area of welding itself dates back as far as 1885 when two people by the names of Nikolai Benardos and Stanislav Olszewski invented the first electric arc welder.

They were granted the patent for their invention a few years later. This welder was called an electric arc welder that had a carbon electrode called an Electrogefest. These two are men are considered to be the founders and creators of the modern welder that we see being used today as all models of welders came from the first that was created. There are some people that are completely sure what welding actually is.

There are a variety of definitions of welding but the most commonly used definition states that welding is a technique that is used to join metallic parts usually through the application of heat. So in a sense it is the art of burning to metals together in some way. Welding was first discovered during efforts to manipulate iron into useful shapes.

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