Why Kiev Should Be Your Next Stop On Vacation

Kiev is an ancient city that has been rebuilt and reshaped many times over the centuries by a harsh history. But despite the blights of war and Soviet architecture, enough golden-domed churches, winding, cobble- stoned streets and expansive, rambling parks remain on and amid hills around the wide Dnipro river to give it an uplifting charm. The dour Stalinist aspect of Khreschatyk, the city's main street, has been transformed by extensive refurbishment, lights and color into a lively place crammed with designer shops. Both ends now boast glitzy subterranean shopping precincts. Kiev's main street, the Kreschatyk is Ukraine's answer to Spain's La Rambla and Paris's Champ-Elyseese, minus the ritzy cafes and annoying street performers.

The 'Independence Square' made famous during the Orange revolution coverage is the street's climax offering wonderful views from both sides of the square. At weekends Khreschatyk becomes a pedestrian zone filled with food and beer kiosks. Bands, demonstrations and other political elements are frequent here due to Ukraine's current political climate. An excellent way to spend your first day in Kiev is to start out at the famed Bessarbskiy square, which is home to one of the oldest markets in Kiev and walk down Kreschatyk street towards the 'Independence Square' or as the western media has labeled it ? The Maidan.

While in Kiev, make sure to enjoy its numerous restaurants and nightclubs. The city has gained quiet a reputation in the past few years as being a party city, catering to every taste and flavor. Live music, disco dancing or regular dive pubs are all available scattered throughout the city. There are also strip clubs and more adult oriented establishments, which are slightly subtler. If gambling is your vice, there are literally hundreds of these establishments as well. While in Kiev, consider staying at www. which specializes in renting apartments in the very center of Kiev. Apartment rentals are a fantastic alternative to Hotels and offer same or better quality accommodations at a fraction of a cost. For example, one can rent a gorgeous two-bedroom apartment directly overlooking Kreschatyk Street, with a balcony and every other desired amenity for under $200 per night. Meanwhile, a 20 square meter Hotel room in the center of Kiev can cost the same or even more.

On the other hand, one can also visit Kiev on a budget, renting a simple studio accommodation in the very center of Kiev for as low as $60 per night. So why wait, come to Kiev and see what Ukraine is all about. It is a perfect time to visit, as the city has not yet been discovered by the masses and allows maximum enjoyment of all its features without the photo-snapping tourists on every corner, which are found in virtually every other city capitol in Europe.

The article was written by Arik. He is a the operator of Kiev Apartments. If your looking for apartments in Kiev or some information on Kiev apartments, take a quick stop at the site for some great ideas.

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