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Study of workforce defines ideal job

The study, by the Simmons School of Management and Bright Horizons Family Solutions Inc., asked respondents to compare their current job with their ideal, and identified "gaps" between the two.


Perceived job importance and job performance satisfaction of selected clinical nutrition management responsibilities

In almost all hospital organizations, clinical nutrition managers are responsible for managing human and material resources for the delivery of nutrition care.


New Manager's Starter Kit: Essential Tools for Doing the Job Right

This book is a concise, thorough guide for new managers in any business. The author does not want to overwhelm new managers with more information than they are ready to absorb.


Share and share alike: job sharing can boost productivity and help retain vital workers, but it can't work effectively without help from HR

Currently, Schutzman and Manix share the post of vice president of public affairs and communications at New York-based Verizon Communications Inc.


The great online job hunt: navigate the Net to find the best career information
Megan Fong looked ahead to college, she hoped to find an internship or a summer job in the entertainment industry. She decided to look online.


Job Search Advice
To love, honor and provide career advice

MENLO PARK, CA -- Some of life's biggest decisions are those associated with work.
On foreign soil

When Thad Hooker and his wife, Lisa, first took over Spirit of Asia, a Florida company selling high-end furniture and accessories.
When Not Knowing Can Hurt You

Ignorance may be bliss in the game of love but it can totally destroy your chances for a job offer or a promotion.
Job Search Strategies of Recent Graduates

Here's the sage advice THE BLACK COLLEGIAN received from three graduates who landed jobs this year.
The Network Way to a Better Job

Career counselors proclaim it as gospel: Networking--making contacts with a widespread web of people who might be able to help you--is the key to a successful job search.
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